Being an Ironwife

When I last updated, we were preparing to head off to Louisville for Adam’s first Ironman. His race weekend recap is coming up soon (sorry that minor thing called med school has been keeping him busy lately) but overall it was a wonderful weekend!!

This time around I brought my bike along and managed to still get a ride in on Saturday morning. I searched online for a group ride and came across the Louisville Bicycle Club. I met up with them on Saturday morning and was able to get in almost 40 miles and see the highlights of the city. It was great getting to meet some new people, explore a new city, and still maintain my training.

After my morning ride it was back to one of my favorite roles… triathlon wife! After nearly six years of supporting Adam in triathlons, I think I’m starting to become a pro at this spectating and cheering sport. That morning we walked down to transition to drop his bike off then enjoyed the day as he prepared for the upcoming day.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Parish and attempted to go to bed around 8PM.

Honestly I think I tossed and turned more than Adam did that night! Because the swim still gives me a lot of anxiety, and is his weaker of the three sports, I naturally worried about him.
What if he drowns? What if something goes wrong? 
This should have been the least of my concerns, but I kept thinking lets just get him through that then things will get better. After that I’d toss and turn about what happens if he flats on the bike, or crashes, or something breaks on his bike. I felt like I was becoming my mother for worrying so much about him, but I just wanted him to do well and come out smiling like many of his other races
On race day I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day with one my Augusta teammates as well as her sister and niece. Her brother-in-law and Adam managed to get into the water within 30 seconds of one another so it was perfect because they were expecting to swim similar times and allowed us to head out to the bike course around the same time.

I had read most of the forums regarding spectating the Lousiville course and figured out that it would be easiest if I drove out to the corner of Highway 393 and 146 on the bike course and I’d be able to see him twice and avoid the traffic. Sure enough this location was perfect!! Adam had such a big smile on his face both times I saw him and I knew he was enjoying himself!

Getting back to our hotel was a bit of a challenge since all the roads were closed for the race but I managed to find a parking spot at the host hotel and walk back to my room for a quick recharge of my phone before catching him at T2.

At this point he was starting off onto his favorite part of the race – the run! He had such a happy look on his face and you could tell he was ready to dominate. While Kona contention was already long off the table, he was looking to come in with a very solid time on his first ironman.

Around mile 6 or so his run split dropped into the 9:08 range (which for me would be an incredible time in a normal marathon) and I knew he must be either hurting or trying to back off because he realized he started too hard. By the time I saw him at mile 13 he was in pain. I ran with him for about half a mile and he was struggling but still running. As I continued to track him on the course his run splits started to drop into the 13:00 range. I headed to the finish line because I wasn’t going to miss that, and oddly enough ran into a girl from my sorority who came and watched the finish with me!

Finally after 10:58:12 my Ironman crossed the line!!

I ran down to go meet him, he wrapped his arms around me and said, (with tears) “I’m NEVER doing that again, I’m in so much pain”. Nevertheless he had finished and was crowned an Ironman and I couldn’t be more proud!


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