An Ironman in 10 Weeks {Guest Post:Adam Coy}

This week is a special guest post from my lovely husband, Adam, as he gets ready for his first Ironman this upcoming weekend!  
Adam Coy
My initial plan this year was to do Duathlon Worlds in August, Augusta 70.3 in September and the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I was particularly excited about Duathlon Worlds because it would be my first race outside of the country and I would get to race against a very strong field and represent my country. These plans came crashing down when I tried to register for Augusta 70.3 and it was sold out. 

I had been back swimming for about a month (after about a 7 month break) and I didn't really want to have that go to waste because I really do not enjoy swimming so I felt like I needed to find another triathlon for this fall. After I found out that Augusta was sold out, I scoured the Ironman and Rev3 websites to find a race to fill gap. Nothing really fit into the hole that Augusta had left except for Ironman Louisville which was twice the distance…
Ironman Louisville was a race that I had always had ZERO ambitions to do, it is not a wetsuit legal swim and more importantly it has been historically a very HOT and HUMID race, two things that I hate. Last October I had toyed with signing up for IM Arizona but ultimately decided against it because it was in the middle of residency interview season so signing up for this Ironman was not a huge leap mentally. While I was still considering it, I texted Kimi with the idea. She laughed it off as a joke but said "sure, just as long as I got my coach Mike Ricci to approve". I then texted Mike to see what he though… Again I got laughed at, apparently a trend was forming. Mike told me I had to get Kimi's permission (which turned this into a very circular approval process). After I talked with Mike about what my current base was like, we decided that I probably would be fine ramping up my training to the IM distance. 
Mike Ricci - D3 Multisport
Training started off well. The first few weeks my long rides were at 4 and 4.5 hours which was not too bad and nothing out of the normal. At that point though I was riding on my own because my normal riding crew was not really into riding super long. 

Because my swim was pretty behind where it should have been, I was playing some catch up in the pool but I could feel my swim starting to improve (I am still VERY slow in the water). My run volume actually went down considerably from what it had been. This was because I had a strong base of running already so I could go easier on that to focus more on my swim and bike.
My least favorite part of the tri - Swimming
3 weeks into training and in the middle of a very hard week, I ran the Peachtree Road Race 10K
The Coy's at the Peachtree Road Race
Because I was in the middle of some of my highest mileage that I had ever done, I was not expecting much of a race. It turns out that it may have actually helped me for the race. Usually, I go out fast, often too fast. Because of the long and slow IM training, my legs did not have much speed in them and I ran a slower pace for the first two miles. The year prior I ran my first mile in 5:14 and then my next mile just a little slower. After the downhill first 2 miles, the race starts heading back uphill where my pace fell off track considerably. This year because I did not tire myself out too much I ran much more conservatively and was able to keep my pace in control going uphill. I ended up two seconds faster this year than last year with a time of 35:54. 

2012 Peachtree Road Race
2013 Peachtree Road Race

I was fortunate enough to have some good triathlon friends including Dan, another Team Podium member, who let me ride with him in some of his long group training rides and introducing me to a bunch of other Ironman athletes. 
Also Adam H. who stepped it up for some long rides with me right after coming off IM Coeur d'Alene
It was great riding with these IM veterans where I was able to glean a ton of knowledge off of them about pacing, nutrition, and training. My long runs have been mainly done with Ryan, my normal running partner. It's great running with him because he's a much better runner than me and he makes sure that we keep a consistent pace. Whenever I branch off from running with him to go longer, my pace always drops, reminding me how great it is to run with someone like him who can keep a consistent pace. 
Kimi always thought that I should go up to Louisville and ride the course, but since it was a 6 hr drive I really had no ambition. After finding a training group that put on an IM Lou training weekend with a river swim and a fully supported ride, Kimi decided to book a hotel room in Louisville at the Brown Hotel giving me no excuse not to go up there. I would also HIGHLY recommend this hotel to anyone in the future!
Originally, we both were going to go up but at the last moment, Kimi had a funeral that she had to attend so I ended up driving up by myself and she flew in later that night. It ended up being a great weekend and I got to know the course which I am very thankful for. I gained more respect for the bike course than I originally had going into it. The course looks pretty flat on the elevation guide but after riding it, I can honestly say that I may be a bit tired after the 112 miles. 
Now that I am in taper time all that I can do is hope that I have prepared enough. I think Mike has prepared me well and hopefully I can execute on race day. 
Ironman Training in 10 Weeks
As always thank you to Matt at Podium Multisport for all the support you have provided me. 
Matt Cole - Podium Multisport
I am also super blessed to have a wife who has been my ultimate supporter for this endeavor, going above and beyond what an Ironman Wife should have to do so I am so ever thankful for her. 
The big race is this upcoming Sunday, August 25th. Kimi will be posting twitter updates of the race from both her account (@runkimirun) as well as from mine (@adam_coy). Ironman will be providing updated live results on their website as well. My bib number is 976. If the checkpoints are like last year, the site will update my times when I cross the following spots:
  • After the Swim (2.4 miles)
  • Bike Mile 23
  • Bike Mile 40
  • Bike Mile 70.5
  • After the Bike (112 miles) 
  • Run Mile 3.4
  • Run Mile 8.2
  • Run Mile 13.1
  • Run Mile 15.3
  • Run Mile 20.1
  • Run Mile 25
  • At the Run Finish (26.2 miles) !!
Once again thank you all to all of the people who have supported me and helped to get me to where I am today!


AHHHH! Training!

Do you ever have those workouts where no matter how hard you mentally convince yourself it's going to be a good day, it turns out to be one of your worst possible workouts? That's how my weekday workouts have felt lately {I guess to be fair mid/late season is usually when I hit about two or three weeks of just being burnt out and mentally not in the game}

Trying on the TNT wetsuit I'm borrowing for the race


2013 PT Solutions Women's Sprint Triathlon - Acworth: Race Report

After I had registered for Augusta 70.3 I figured I needed to get one sprint and one olympic race in before the big half ironman. On June 1, I went through with my first sprint tri and while I learned a lot... it was a bit of a disaster! I quickly scratched the idea of an olympic tri and decided I needed a race that I would enjoy, build some confidence, and convince me that somehow Augusta was going to be a successful adventure. A few weeks ago I decided the PT Solutions Acworth Women's Sprint Tri would be a great 2nd tri. I had read many different blogs about other women who had said it was a fun, positive, and amazing experience so I signed up and was going for it.

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