First Six Weeks of Summer 2013

It's finally summer time and life has been busier than ever. Trying to manage the two of us working, training, and socializing has been fun but exhausting! Here's the top six "highlights" over the past six weeks! Since this post gets rather long I just ask you read highlight #1, the rest you can just scroll through for the pictures :)

1. Fundraising/Mission Moment
First of all thank you to everyone who has donated thus far to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Your generous contributions will help make the difference in the lives of so many as we continue to help fund research towards a cure! If you haven't had a chance yet to donate it's not too late! My goal is to at least reach the 80% mark ($1,760) by July 19th which means I only have $190 to go. Any contribution you can make is 100% tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!!

Here is the link to donate:

I'm sure at this point many of you are sick of me constantly asking for a donation towards this cause when I don't necessarily have a personal connection to the mission. While that may be true, over the past two years I have encountered incredible people who have battled and won their fight against blood cancer as well as others who were not able to beat cancer. Watching these amazing people go through something so terrible encourages me to want to continue to fight for a cure and count my blessings that I have not been personally touched by cancer's awful presence. Over the past 25 years you can see the impact Team in Training has made but there is still so much to do!

A few weeks ago our team had the privileged to listen to an adorable 11 year old, Kate, share her story of her fight with Leukemia (her mother is currently on the Augusta team as well). As you can see from her bio below, Kate was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2007. An innocent five year old faced with cancer treatments and something no kid or parent should have to go through. She is now cancer free, but there are still many other children fighting the same battle! As Adam and I begin to talk about kids in our future (don't get too excited Mom, it's still a little while off) I can't imagine one of them going through something so out of their control, which is why I keep fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Just a small donation can go a long way and help to ensure many other parents do not have to watch their child suffer through cancer without a cure.
Once again here is the link to donate to help raise money to research a cure:
 Thank you in advance!
2. Swimming
The last time I blogged I had just finished my first triathlon and I had discovered the swim was not going to be as easy as I had hoped. The next swim at Dynamo I quickly felt the same rush of anxiety for the first 500 meters and I continued to get nervous. I'd enter the pool and within the first 20m negative thoughts would flow in.
How can I swim 1.2 miles?
Why did I sign up for Augusta?
I can barely swim 50m without panicking!
Why did I ever have dreams of an Ironman?
This swim is still shorter than a sprint tri, I'm screwed!
What if I get too hot in the water? 
What if the kayaker doesn't see me? 
What if I swallow icky lake water and start choking?

These initial thoughts continued swim after swim but usually went away my the time the main set started and I'd leave the pool loving the water. One week, I started singing in my head and that started to help. Another week I focused on counting my strokes. I've learned if I think positively when I start or have something else on my mind to distract me then the anxiety isn't there. Each week the anxiety in the pool is slowly going away so hopefully when I go for my next open water swim at the end of July I won't panic!

In exciting news, I got moved up three swim lanes for our TNT Monday night's swim so I guess swimming three days a week is starting to pay off :)
3. Biking
Since the bike crash it has taken me a while to get comfortable on my bike. Similar to the swim, I was feeling a bit of anxiety during the first few minutes riding, especially on downhills. During the middle of June we had our group ride scheduled for 30 miles. We set out on our ride and about 10 miles in I started riding with some lovely ladies (shown below). We were going about the same pace and it was great getting to know some new people. It turns out they had trained on IronTeam for Arizona two years ago and have continued to train together since. Beth was one of the lucky 100 people to win the Kona lotto so her good friends have been training with her this season! I finally started to understand why people enjoyed group rides! I loved the chance to get to know others while being active and achieving something together.

We continued on our ride and about 13 miles in we had taken a wrong turn and got off the course and had to find our way back on the course. This wouldn't have been so bad except we had to pass angry Fido, not just once but four times that day!! He was a small, yappy, fearless, stout dog who was out to defend his property/street in front of his house. The first time we rode past him others were able to yell/scare him away and all was good. The next time that same result didn't go so well...

Angry Fido came running towards us again and my first instinct was to pedal as fast as possible to get away from him. Fido did not appreciate this and decided bitting my clipped in shoe was a better idea. Unsure of what to do I just kept pedaling and yelling at the dog and seconds later it was over. I had managed to out bike him but man did I get lucky! Apparently this happened to another lady last year and the dog lunged with enough force that she landed right on her hip and broke it. From that moment on I learned to protect my front wheel, unclip ahead of time and do what I need to do to keep myself safe! After that "fun" experience I continue to ride with Beth, Regina, and Karen and ended up riding 41 miles which was a new first for me!

4. Running
While I have been spending a lot of time swimming and biking, the one area that I have been neglecting is running. After the Bolder Boulder, I lost my HRM (sorry Mike) and was a slacker at charging my Garmin. Needless to say I drifted back into "running however far/whenever I feel like it mode" and truly believed the 13.1 miles at Augusta couldn't be that bad. This logic was probably true...with the exception of the fact I have a FULL marathon four weeks after Augusta 70.3. I was really trying to do the least amount possible on the schedule and then realized I needed to rewrite some of my run mileage so that it's more in line with marathon training.  Thus over the past week I've really started to focus on my mileage and get back on track with my running. I need to make sure I stay injury free that's for sure!

This lack of training didn't really help when it came to running the ATC Peachtree Road Race last week, which is the largest 10K in the world. Once again I had an amazing time out there but I definitely should have pushed myself harder. I wasn't using my Garmin and just enjoyed my time, walked through water stops and then was slightly baffled when I saw I was two minutes slower than last year's race. Walking those water stops quickly came back to bite me in the butt and really showed me that racing is extremely mental and I need to stay focused if I want to hit PRs. Adam did have an amazing race and managed to PR with a time of 35:52. I'm so grateful that my two best friends were able to come down and join us for the race and spend some time here in Atlanta!

Despite my slacking run training, I got talked into signing up for the Disney Marathon on January 12th (Thanks Cailtyn!). This means my race schedule for the six months looks like this :

I love the shiny medal you get at the finish line so one way or another I'm going to cross those finish lines with a smile on my face.

5. Eating
This month's we decided to try the Gunshow for our restaurant review. Kevin Gilespie was a finalist in the sixth season of Top Chef and a former chef at the well-known Woodfire Grill. He recently opened up Gunshow here in Atlanta so we decided we'd go there for Adam's birthday. Our two friends, Ryan and Emily, joined us and we all had high hopes for some excellent food that night.

The concept of this restaurant is small, tapa-like plates served dim-sum style. You are presented with a menu upon being seated which highlights the selected dishes for the night. Each chef personally brings out his dishes and presents them to your table and then it is up to you to decide if you want to take it or not (we found it was really hard to say no to a dish, especially when the chef looks like he's put a lot of effort into it). 

Maybe we went in with too high of expectations but we left rather disappointed! We managed to order almost everything off the menu that night and for the total price for the four of us, we felt we could have better spent the money else where. When we walked into the restaurant we felt the ambiance was rather lifeless. Normally the ambiance is unique to a restaurant and they can do what they want but in this case the restaurant needed more. The lights were super bright and the lack of sound barriers/curtains made it too loud. Being in our mid-20s, noise is something we normally do not have an issue with, but we were basically having to shout across the table to one another and could easily hear the conversations of many others in the restaurant. The noise seemed similar to a chain restaurant not a higher end restaurant. The timing of when the food would come out was also awkward. It would have been much better if the chefs would have spaced themselves out so there would be an even flow of food out of the kitchen. Often we would get offered a bunch of different dishes, then there would be a LONG lull before the next set of food came out. All of these details wouldn't have matter if the food was outstanding but most were rather hit or miss. Since they change the menu every few weeks, maybe we just hit an off week but overall it did not meet our expectations. 

{row one}
Old School Beef Wellington
Barbecued Georgia Shrimp, Cornbread, Green Bean Casserole
Fresh Georgia Catfish in Low Country Flavors
Pork Skin Risotto

{row two}
Sweet Potato Macaire, Red Pepper Sauce, Charreed Leek Vin
Chef's Special of the Day
Georgia Peach and Buttermilk Fennel Salad, Feta, Amaretto
Sunburst Trout, Cured and Smoked, Sweet Corn, Lime

{row three}
Fried Rice with Black Eyed Peas (easily the best dish of the night)
Banana, Cajeta, Coconut and Shortbread
Big Mam's Peach Fried Pie

6. Enjoying Life
So for 2013 Adam had five "A" races on his schedule:
  • Double Oaks Duathlon (Pelham, Alabama)
  • Peachtree Road Race (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Duathlon World Championship (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Augusta 70.3 (Augusta, Georgia)
  • Marine Corp Marathon (Washington D.C)
Each was spaced out nicely throughout the year and with the help of Coach Mike he would have no problem achieving his personal time goals. It was all fine and dandy until four weeks ago when Augusta 70.3 SOLD OUT and Adam had forgotten to sign up. To be fair, the race sold out six weeks earlier than in 2012 but nevertheless he wasn't going to have a tri on his schedule for 2013. Most normal people would have found another 70.3 race. Instead our conversation after Augusta sold out went something like this:
Adam - "I think I'm going to do Ironman Louisville in August" 
Kimi - "Ummm.... are you crazy?! That would be your first Ironman and it's only 10 weeks away! What does Mike say? I will only support if Mike supports" 
Mike - "Is that a joke, are you trying to pull my leg right now? We will need to change your workout plan to achieve this but if Kimi supports, I support"
And just like that my crazy husband signed up for his first Ironman with only 10 weeks to mentally and physically prepare. We did have to cancel the Canada trip as IM training became his focus but in about 45 days we should be hearing the words "Adam Coy, you are an IRONMAN"

With Adam training for Louisville and me training for Augusta it's been a busy but fun time in our household. Here are some fun memories over the past weeks.

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