The First Half of May

Weekly Workout Summary 
This week began my first official week of training for Augusta. 1 week down, only 20 more to go. 

After months and months of debate, Adam and I finally decided to purchase the Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer. Our old trainer was a CycleOps trainer and while it was good, the power curve was such that when your cadence increases the resistance increases at an exponential rate. This made biking at a cadence over 70 really difficult. The new trainer took a few days to get use to but we both absolutely LOVE it. TrainerRoad just updated their software to connect with the Kickr so the trainer adjusts the resistance (power) to follow along with the bike workout without having to change any gears on the bike. It has forced me to ride harder and more consistent. If I slow down without decreasing the resistance (power), the trainer  actually gets harder to peddle thus I have to keep an even cadence and effort.

Old Trainer {Yes there is a towel wrapped around the frame to protect it from some sweat}:

New Trainer {Please ignore the mess of our office}:

Lululemon All-Sport Bra w/Built in Heart Rate Monitor
For the longest time, Mike and Adam have been trying to talk me into consistently training with a HRM.  My biggest problem with the HRM is that on outdoor runs, the heart rate monitor chafes my chest so badly! I will spare you the pictures but I currently have a scar across my chest from the HRM that won't seem to go away. I tried using body glide and that didn't help. I tried DCRainmaker's suggestion of a band aid and that also didn't help. After more and more research I a came across a Lululemon bra with a built in HRM. You just hook the HRM directly to the bra and poof it works. I immediately called around to every Lululemon in town to find one (there's three locations). Since they were special edition, I could only track down two sports bras in the area. Luckily one of them was a size six in black and had been put on 50% off clearance since it was the last one in the store. $34 later I was the proud owner of the new sports bra and so far my HRM chafing has been minimal :)
Source: Lululemon
Nam Phuong 
Last Monday we didn't have our normal small group meeting so instead some of us decided to go try out Nam Phuong, a Vietnamese restaurant off of Buford Highway. I was a little skeptical because I normally don't enjoy Pho and the other times I've tried Vietnamese it hasn't been enjoyable. A group of four of us ended up ordering the family dinner feast and it was surprisingly delicious and cheap with massive amounts of food!
Summer rolls with shrimp 

Papaya salad w/ shrimp

Sweet and sour soup  
{not pictured}

Spare ribs in house special sauce 

Salt and pepper calamari 
Unfortunately I was far too exciting about eating that I completely forgot to take pictures. The photos shown above are all courtsey of Yelp.

ATC 3000M Track Race
Tuesday night was the ATC 3000M track race. This was an interesting race for me (well actually most races tend to be interesting in some way) but this was in particular as I had never done any workouts  on a track. The last time I really set foot on a track was running the mile during my sophomore year in high school for gym class. I had already ridden on the trainer for an hour prior to the race so I figured my legs would be warmed up. Adam tried coaching me through how to warm up and pace myself for the event. I was a bit nervous since not many people were there for the week night event. Actually most of the people who were there actually looked pretty serious about running. There were some people there that weren't profession looking which gave me hope that I would hopefully not finish last in the 39 and under division.

My goal was to try and keep at an 8:00/mile pace, which meant about 2:00 min per lap around the course. I did a warm up jog then proceed to overhear a conversation of a woman who was maybe 28 years old "I usually average a 5:00/mile". These people were serious! To make matters worse our heat ended up being everyone under the age of 29. There were 25 of us and I was surrounded by middle/high school XC runners and then the over 25 former collegiate/nearly pro athletes.I just had to keep reminding myself this race wasn't about them it was about me. I took off for the first 400M with a split of 1:41 and I quickly heard Adam yell "you're going too fast...pick a pace you can maintain". I looked at him and all I could think was that is easier said than done/why did I sign up for this?! When I finished the 1st mile in 7:48, a definite PR for me and proof I had gone out far too quickly! How was I suppose to do another 1400M?! My splits quickly because positive splits and I was the last one to finish in the wave and got lapped TWICE by the girl who I had heard talking prior to the start. It was definitely a humbling learning experience!

The good news is I was able to use that race to determine my heart rate zones for running.The course might have been short for a normal HR test, but I surely gave it my all so for now this test will do for my running zones.

TNT Tri Team Kickoff/First GTS of the Season
After months and months of waiting the first tri team GTS was finally here! Our schedule had been changed this week which meant no outdoor ride for us...yet. {Slight sign of relief} Overall I was really excited to meet the people on the team! I wanted to see who I was going to be spending time with for the next 20 weeks and who else was crazy enough to take on this half ironman. Unfortunately I was once again the youngest person on the team but I did run with a couple who were much closer in age which was nice for a change! We set out to run between two to four miles and I figured I'd see how my legs were feeling after Friday night's long run. Sure enough I had no problem with the four miles and even managed negative splits. It was one of the better runs I had had in months!

Next Saturday's GTS involves a 10-15 mile bike ride followed by a 2-3 mile run.

Bachlorette Weekend - Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation

After all of that working out it was finally time to enjoy the weekend and celebrate my dear friend Chelsea and her upcoming wedding. Her good friend friend hosted an amazing bridal luncheon on Saturday afternoon then her parents provided us a limo to take us down to the Ritz-Carlton Reynold's Plantation.

We arrived to our beautiful cottage and then quickly got ready to head to our spa appointments. After my long 8.5 mile run Friday night + another 4 mile run that Saturday morning, my body was definitely in need of that massage! The spa was amazing and relaxing!

Next we headed off to enjoy an amazing dinner at the steakhouse in the hotel.

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Chelsea's upcoming wedding! The next day it was back to Atlanta to get ready for another week ahead. Unfortunately neither Adam nor I were able to spend Mother's Day at home with our amazing mothers and grandmothers. Luckily we'll get to see them all and rest of our families at the end of this month!

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