A Journey Through April

WOW it's been far too long since I last updated (sorry in advance for this being so long)! April was a super busy, but fun month for the Coy family! We got back from Japan on Easter morning and boy were we exhausted! The time change really threw us for a loop after traveling for nearly 30 hours. We took a "nap" as soon as we got home around 7AM and ended up sleeping until almost 5 PM. We managed to make it to Church then went grocery shopping to get ready to start the week.

At that point it had been nearly two weeks since the bike crash and I ultimately decided I wasn't going to let the bike win. It was time to get back on the bike, conquer my fear, and raise money for blood cancer all at the same time. I went into Podium and it turns out they had already ordered my crash replacement bike from Felt. While I didn't get the exact same bike, they ended sending back an updated bike: the 2013 Felt ZWC.  With a new frame, a new front wheel, and all of my "old" bike components I was all ready to go. I initially had named my replacement bike "Felix" but my dad and Adam agreed "Flipper" would be a little more appropriate and somehow the name has stuck. Hopefully though Flipper and I won't be flipping on this bike anytime soon!


With the crash and the Japan vacation, I decided it would not be wise for me to race in the Double Oak Duathlon as initially planned.  Adam still raced and did amazing! He achieved his goal of qualifying for the Duathlon World Championship in Ottawa in August and managed to place 4th overall, and 1st in his AG. Here is his race report.


The following weekend was another race weekend. The ATC was hosting the Spring Has Sprung 8K/15K as a part of the Grand Prix Series. I registered for the 8K and it was a slow tough race for me. I hadn't fully gotten in the necessary runs the weeks leading up to it so needless to say it was a slow one for me. One of my good friends from college did the run with me and she on the other hand did amazing for her first ever road race!

My 8K Splits
After the race we headed back to my car only to discover that my car key only works from my ignition and not to unlock the doors. We called AAA and waited patiently (on the other side of the street since it had more sun) for the locksmith to arrive. 10 minutes later we hear this big crash and we see a Honda Pilot with two men crash right into this tree and steel fence! They proceeded to back up (hitting another tree) then sped off! I was so afraid they were going to hit my car in the process of speeding off. Luckily we weren't sitting right next to the car and that no one was injured!


The next night we got to enjoy dinner at Sotto Sotto in Inman Park with some of the couples from our amazing small group! I got my usual "Priest Strangler" for dinner and I was sadly disappointed this time around. This is one of my all time favorite dishes in Atlanta and it was such a bummer it wasn't as good. Nevertheless we had a wonderful time with some great people!

After that fun weekend my lovely husband and our favorite tri coach, Mike Ricci, decided it was time for my pre-Augusta "do whatever type of workout I'm feeling that day" season to end and it was time to start structuring my workouts. With Mike's help my workouts have started to look something like this:

Initially, I was a little nervous about the longer rides, brick workouts, and more swims! I was quickly surprised with how much my body actually enjoyed this. Lately when I've been running, I've absolutely hated miles one through three, but after that point I end up loving it. I don't know why I didn't realize this before, but that's how long it take my legs to warm up. It was amazing how great running after riding felt and I think it's because my legs were actually warmed up! Team in Training starts up next Saturday and I plan to continue with Mike's 70.3 training plan and incorporate that in with TNT's training plan. I think the combination of them both will definitely have me well prepared for Augusta in September!

The last weekend in April was spent traveling to Columbus, Ohio to witness two of our good friends get married! It was a rather busy/quick weekend as we drove with three others all the way up to Ohio (nine hours) and all the way back down. All within 48 hours! It was well worth the trip, but I think we've decided we'll stick with flying from now on :)

Last but not least we registered for the Bolder Boulder which is scheduled for Memorial Day! We're so excited to be heading back to Colorado for the long weekend and get to participate in such a fun run!

Have a great week!

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