Day Six: Kobe

Since we had been up later than expected with the MCM registration delay we managed to sleep in to close to 7:30AM. On this day half the family was traveling to Kamakura to see the giant Budda and the other half of us were going to Kobe. 

My sister's good friend moved back to Japan about four years ago and she was able to see him during this trip. It was so nice to have someone who spoke Japanese fluently to guide us around, rather than rely on my broken Japanese.


Views from Kobe Harbor: 

Roar like a Lion...

We walked around the Kobe Harborland and then had lunch at the Fisherman's Market. It was a 90 minute seafood buffet with a wide variety of choices. It was a little disappointing compared to the display of pictures outside of the restaurant but it filled our hunger needs.

After the harbor we decided to go to the Kobe Earthquake Museum. On January 17, 1995 a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Kobe and nearly 6,434 people lost their lives.  The museum began with a seven minute reenactment of the earthquake with strobe lights and a vibrating room. The images on the screen showed the damage reflected in the local neighborhoods.  

What was most amazing was seeing how well the country came together to rebuild everything that was lost. It was an experience I'll never forget and one that hopefully Japan will not have to face again.

After another long day we were back on the Shinkansen headed back to Tokyo.

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