Day Seven: Tobu World Square

Another day in Japan meant another train ride...

This time we were off to Tobu World Square, a theme park that contains over 100 1:25 scale models of famous buildings. I'm not quite sure how Gam knew about this place but it was on her "must see while in Japan" list.   

Modern Japan


 (Yes those zoomed in people are actually the Obamas)




Historic Japan

 Tobu World Characters

For dinner that night Adam and John talked me into going to eat at a local French restaurant with them. Unfortunately the place they wanted to go had probably 20 seats in the entire restaurant and definetely required reservations. darn. Instead we went to another French-ish restaurant around the corner and had an amazing dinner and dessert. I'm really going to have to work out these next few weeks to burn off all the delicious food we enjoyed throughout the trip!

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