The Crash

It was bound to happen at some point I just didn't expect it to be this bad and/or this soon....

Finally a 70 degree, gorgeous spring day in Atlanta; thus it was time to take Fiona out to get some outdoor riding. I had ridden about 10 miles on my own Friday afternoon through the neighborhood, but this would be my first real ride w/her. Adam and I headed out to Stone Mountain Park and we were both excited for the afternoon. He would ride up ahead a little bit, come back, and then ride with me for a bit before speeding ahead. We had gotten off to a good start for the first 30 minutes or so. 

Since I'm not quite good at drinking water while on the bike I decided after about 10 miles it was time for a water break. I had unclipped my right pedal but not my left and basically just fell at a standstill towards the left side. Fiona and I went down. I had a minor bleed on my left knee, but at some point I expected this fall. Everyone has their one fall while learning to use clip in pedals so I figured this was mine. It stung a little bit but nothing to really hold me back. Time to brush this one off and start again. With that out of the way what was the worse that could happen?
Another 5 miles or so goes by and I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I was starting to cycle at 20+ mph and starting to feel comfortable shifting etc (mind you this is really only the fourth time I've been on a rode bike... EVER!) I came speeding down a hill and got ready to embark up the top of this next hill. The nearby passing car got the better of me resulting in me losing control, flipping over the stone wall and crashing big time. I was trying to remain conscious as I knew I had definitely hit my head and maybe done worse to my arm. Luckily it was around the time Adam was circling back to ride with me so within minutes he was there to check on me and assess the situation. 

Tears of shock, pain, and frustration streamed down my face. After Adam checked to make sure I was okay he proceeded to explain that when I lost my back wheel, I cracked the carbon fiber frame and completely destroyed the front wheel. Not what I wanted to here either :( On top of all of this I could barely straighten my arm and was just in soooo much pain. I had more road rash on my right arm than imaginable, a large goose egg on the ride side of my head, and just overall bodily pain. Adam finally rode back so he could get the car as I waited for him to come and take me home. This cartoon explains exactly how I was feeling. 

I couldn't get off my mind that I had just totaled my brand new bike!! Literally on the road three times and she died :( After more tears regarding the bike and my injuries I finally calmed down (or maybe it was the pain meds that kicked in). Adam cleaned up all of my MANY wounds and allowed me to lie down while he went to check to see if we could salvage Fiona. After a brief nap I woke up and decided it was time to see if we had any form of insurance that would save this because she was a goner. Thank goodness for USAA and their amazing coverage. It turns out that our renters insurance covered our property which included the damage to the bicycle. With a small deductible not all was lost! Now the all important question that I will be pondering for the new few weeks: to replace the bike or not?

I've never had the best luck riding/avoid crashes (I had far too many as a little kid) so I'm a bit nervous but at the same time I want to overcome that and concur the bike. 

Have you crashed and gotten back up? Were you a bit jittery/nervous when starting again?

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