Day Two: Jigokudani Monkey Park

With a cozy bed and pure exhaustion we figured we'd get some good sleep before meeting some of the family the morning. Unfortunately for both of us, jet lag got the better of us and we were wide away around 4:45 AM (3:45 PM Atlanta time). We took our time getting ready and then headed down to the lobby for a breakfast.

We packed up our things and were headed off to go meet Gam, Janet, Uncle and Mr. Ishida. While I had made great directions for the rest of our trip, I had forgotten to include detailed directions on how to get to our hotel once we got out of the train station. Luckily the man in the convenience store understood my broken Japanese and was able to give us directions. We arrived at our hotel, dropped off our stuff then we were off to Tokyo Station to catch the bullet train to Nagano. 

We had a little set back in our time as Gam had forgotten her JR Rail Pass in the hotel so by the time we were finally aboard the train we were starving. Adam and I picked up some sushi for the road and boy was it delicious!

Once we arrived in Nagano we took the bus headed to the Jigokudani Monkey Park. We listened on the bus for our station and when we arrived we felt like we had been dropped off in the middle of nowhere....

We headed off in one direction and quickly a little Japanese man noticed we were going the wrong direction. He redirected us and eventually we found the map on how to get there.

We weren't quite to the monkey park yet but we encountered our first monkey along the path.

We continued down the path and a few minutes later I see the monkey SPRINTING past Uncle and Janet and LUNGES himself onto a man and it looked as if he was going to attack him. Turns out the monkey wanted the Green Tea flavored Kit-Kats the man was carrying. The monkey yanked the candy out of the mans hands and proceeded to enjoy his new meal. 

Luckily the rest of the monkeys along the path were much more tame...

...and enjoyed their time in the hot spring.

Gam and I headed back ahead of everyone else for some tea and hot coca since it was getting a bit chilly outside.

Once we were reunited with everyone we enjoyed some ramen, gyoza, and fried rice for dinner!

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