Day Three: Tokyo with the Family

Once again jet lag got the better of me and I was up at 4:45 AM. This time I decided to be productive and headed to the hotel gym for a run. The Temple vs. Indiana game had just started the second half and it provided something entertaining to watch while on the treadmill. Honestly watching basketball/football while on the treadmill is by far my favorite pass time! I managed to get in about 5 miles and enjoyed the good start to the day.

My parents and sister had arrived the previous night so we were all finally together to start the Moore Family Reunion - Japan.

The first stop on the agenda was Takashimaya, an upscale department store in Japan with amazing displays of food and clothing. 

Next up we headed to Gam's address where she grew up as a child. Her actual home was torn down many years ago, but every time we visit Japan we make sure to stop at the address. 

Of course we had to go and enjoy some green tea ... 

...then it was back on the subway to the new Tokyo Skytree

Lunchtime: Udon Noodles with Shrimp and Sweet Potato Tempura

Unfortunately the line to go inside the Skytree was more than 2 hours so we just enjoyed the outdoor view 

Near by was Asakasu/Senjoji Temple were my sister was trying to conquer the art of defeating the Huns

The trip wouldn't be complete without playing on a Japanese Playground...

...and enjoying some Taiyaki 
(Fish shaped Japanese desserts with red bean or chocolate inside)

During our last trip in 2010 one of our most favorite restaurants was a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Genki Sushi, in Tokyo Station. Of course we had to go there again...but given the magnitude of the station we just couldn't find it. We wandered for almost 90 minutes with exhausted feet and seven people and finally had to give up on the search mission. We split up and half of us ended up in a little sushi place in the station. While it wasn't conveyor belt sushi it was amazing quality sushi. In America we tend to whine about that restaurants give too much rice compared to the size of the fish. Here the fish to rice ratio was the exact opposite and we loved it!

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