Day Four: Kyoto

Another bright and early morning and we were off to Kyoto. It was a two hour train ride from Tokyo so we tried our best to keep ourselves occupied. 

The first stop on our list was the Fushimi Inari Shrine, a famous Shinto shrine known for its thousands of tori gates that line the path. 

After the shrine, we headed back to Kyoto station for some lunch. We managed to find one of our favorite types of food in Japan...Kaiten Sushi (conveyor belt). Each plate was about $1.50 and it was delicious! Apparently there is one coming to Atlanta soon so we'll have to check that out. 

We ended up eating 17 plates of sushi and were stuffed by the time we left. We had been eating plenty of sushi, but in America we just can't get this quality for this cheap. 

Since it had already started to reach mid afternoon, we opted to take a taxi to the next location to conserve some time. Despite all of my time spent abroad, riding in cars with the driver seat on the right side always seems to fascinate me.

We had finally arrived at the beautiful golden temple, Kinkakuji. The top two stories are completely covered in gold leaf and was initially built as the retirement villa of shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.  It was a gorgeous property which allowed for some great photo opportunities.

My sister found some girls wearing kimonos and obviously had to have a picture with them. She used her hands to signal a camera and asked "Photo, Okay?" and sure enough they agreed.

One more trip back to Kyoto Station to pick up our luggage then we were off to Osaka. Adam and I decided to share some Green Tea Ice Cream. It was surprisingly much stronger than the kind they sell in America. 

As we concluded the day we settled into our new hotel, Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka. It connected to the Kyobashi train station, which also had department stores and a mall attached to it. We opted for another sushi meal and found a great restaurant inside the Keihan Mall. 

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