Day Five: Osaka Aquarium and Dontonburi

McDonald's Breakfast while in Japan...guilty! In the Tokyo hotel we were staying at, we had become pretty spoiled with a great American breakfast. The hotel we were staying at in Osaka had an extremely overpriced meal for minimal and less than ideal breakfast food. As bad as it sounds we opted to go to the local McDonald's and find something a little more fulfilling.

Since I don't eat eggs, the only breakfast option for me was a stack of pancakes, a hash brown, and some orange juice. Other than the smaller size in the drink, there was no difference between this meal in America vs. this meal in Japan. 

Next up on the agenda for the day was the Osaka Aquarium. 

The famous whale shark!

Angry Eels...
Puffer Fish...

Huge Stingrays and ugly fish!

Giant Crabs (arm span of these crabs was greater than 4 ft.)!!!!

Tiny Jelly Fishes

Happy squinty eyed seal

Mr. Penguin

After we got back from the aquarium, we headed to Dontonburi (downtown district known for the food and the people watching).  While there we saw a real life Sumo wrestler, a few prostitutes and a lot of people. We took Uncle, Janet, and Kassandra there to allow then to soak in the sights even though Adam and I had already been there. We walked around the area, stopped into the Puma store (Uncle wanted to buy some limited edition Japan only Puma shoes but unfortunately they only had "Japanese" sized shoes). 

Adam being the Glico running man - the neon running man sign. The sign was originally installed in 195 as the symbol of Glico candy. The sign is famous in the Osaka region and has been altered for special occasions to celebrate events such as the World Cup and to show support for the local baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers.  

The famous Osaka crab which we unfortunately did not get to eat.

Up close Glico man.


To finish the night we stopped at an English pub call the Hub to enjoy some fish and chips and other Japanese version British food. 

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