Meet Fiona

This year Adam has decided he wants to try and qualify for the USAT Duathlon World Championships which are to be held in Ottawa, Canada. One of the qualifying races is going to be held on April 6th in Pelham, Alabama. Since my AG tends to have a limited field, Adam suggested I give it a try. I thought it seemed reasonable since its a 5K run /20K bike/3K run. The only problem was I needed a bike.

I began stalking Craigslist and a tough road. All of the bikes seemed to be either made for guys over 6ft or have ridiculous prices attached. After a month of hopelessly looking Adam and I decided we could at least go browse some new bikes for me. We began that Friday night looking and I was beyond overwhelmed with the number of choices available and components to consider. Luckily this was right up Adams alley. After trying out a few bikes we realized my short torso and arms combined with long quads required me to find a 48cm bike rather than a 51cm which is what I had been targeting. We decided we needed to think this over a little more and would start fresh the next morning with 4 or 5 different shops.

We set out to Peachtree Bikes, All3Sports, Roswell Bikes, and Podium Multisport. After riding quite a few bikes I started to pick up on what would suit me best. I needed a middle of the road bike that I would out grow quickly but still within a reasonable price range. My mind set had quickly shifted from maybe I'll ride this once or twice a month to, I will definitely ride it multiple times a week.

By the end of the day I had found the one I was in love with, the 2013 Felt ZW5. She was perfect! Lightweight, Shimano components, hidden cables, and a carbon frame. We worked out a great deal at Podium and just like that I became the proud new owner of a beautiful, new road bike!

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