Raffle for a NEW iPad!!

As many of you know, I’m working hard preparing for the Chicago Marathon in October. To help with my fundraising goal and make it fun for everyone I’d like to offer 50 of YOU the opportunity to enter a drawing for a NEW Apple iPad (Wifi, 16 GB) in exchange for a $30 donation.

How it works…if you make one pledge of $30 you are entered in a drawing with a maximum of only 50 other entrants (not like other drawings where there are thousands of other entrants). You CAN, of course, increase your chances by pledging more (example 2 pledges = $60, equals two entries in the drawing). 
If you have already donated towards my fundraising efforts (this includes my first Publix marathon) then each raffle ticket will only cost you $20. 
Here are the instructions:
  • The first 50 people to respond to me by e-mail (kimiko.coy@gmail.com) and pledge a $30.00 donation will be entered into the drawing. The first 50 will be determined by the time stamp in MY e-mail inbox.
  • I will confirm your participation with a direct message back to you (e-mail, etc.). If you don’t make it in the first 50 I’ll let you know if there will be another drawing (if so, you’ll be entered for the next one).
  • As soon as I have 50 participants I’ll send you a message letting you know it’s time to send in your pledge.  You’ll have one week from this notification to either donate online or send me a check  (I’ll then give you the details – address, etc.).  If I don’t receive it, participation will be opened to the next person in line.
  • You CAN pledge at a higher amount (in increments of $30) to be entered into the drawing multiple times.
  • As soon as all 50 slots are filled and the donations are received I will video tape and post the winning ticket!
  • The winner can select the color and engraving text. The iPad will be shipped directly to your home from Apple.
What’s in it for you…First, supporting a good cause by helping me raise money for cancer research. Second, a good possibility of winning a NEW iPad. Please feel free to pass this on to famiy, friends, etc.  Thanks for helping to make a difference!
Happy pledging!
NOTE: If you already have an iPad and just want to make a donation I would really appreciate this as well. Just respond and I’ll let you know how you can make a donation (ex. online, check, etc.).

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